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Workshop Spill Control Kit for Spills up to 200 Litres

$515.00 Excluding GST

Mobile Workshop Spill Control Kit, to absorb spills of up to 200 Litres. Packed in highly visible, highly mobile container.
Suitable for absorbing Oils, Fuels, Solvents, Agricultural Chemicals, Coolant and General Workshop, Non aggressive, Chemicals

Can be used in any area where quantities of liquids are stored or used.
Suitable in Manufacturing, Retailing, Workshops, Hospitals, Storage facilities.

Features of Mobile Workshop Spill Control Kit

  • Comes packed in a highly mobile, polyethylene wheeled bin
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Highly visible, clearly labelled, colour coded bin (Orange)
  • Helps to comply with EPA requirements
  • Stops spilled liquids from spreading
  • Contains all the equipment needed to deal with workplace spills (See Below)
  • Tamper evident seals can be fitted at no additional cost
  • Racks for brooms and shovels can be fitted at no additional cost
  • Contains sufficient equipment to deal with up to 200 litre spills of the liquids listed
  • Refill kits available

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