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Washtech M2C Professional Passthrough Dishwashers

$9,354.00 Excluding GST

Passthrough Dishwashers offer a hood range lid which provides an easier operation and more hygienic clean than conventional, non-commercial equipment.

Professional Model with Heat Condensing Unit - 500mm Rack

  • Autostart on door closure 1, 2 and 3 minute cycles
  • Washes up to 1,080 plates per hour
  • Full heat recovery condensor preheats cold water supply and significantly reduces steam emitted and energy consumed
  • Self cleaning jets located above the condensor flush the unit every time themachine is drained, ensuring longevity of the unit
  • SEED certified condenser makes dishwasher suitable for installation without extraction canopy in many situations
  • Low cold water consumption of 2.4 litres per cycle
  • Soft start ensures great results through progressively pressurising the cycle to provide a consistent and even clean every time
  • EcoPower reduces temperatures and energy consumption when machine is not being used
  • Assured final rinse ensures the correct temperature and pressures every time through 316 stainless break tank and rinse pump
  • Double filtration system via scrap trays and seperate wash inlet filter
  • Electrical:¬†415V, 3P+N+E, 50Hz, 10.0kW, 15A
  • Width: 705mm
  • Depth: 720mm
  • Height: 2035mm

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