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Vacuum Cleaners - Henry

$415.00 Excluding GST

Cleaning is essential to keeping your business clean and safe for your employees and customers. These accessories are designed to make your staff’s work easier and your establishment shine.

• Energy Efficient - A Rated.
• High Efficiency Motor - Numatic High Efficiency Long Life Motor.
• 10 Metre Cable - Easy Reach, 10 Metre Cable And Rewind Storage System.
• Tritex Filtration System - Improves Filtration, Cleanliness And Capacity.
• Wand Docking - Convenient, On-Board Wand Docking Storage.
• Hepaflo - Easy To Change High Efficiency Hepaflo Bags.
• Professional Accessory Set - A Tool For Every Job, Full Accessory Kit As1 With Stainless Steel Tube Set.
• 620W
• Size: 9.0lt

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