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Vacuum Cleaners - Charles


Cleaning is essential to keeping your business clean and safe for your employees and customers. These accessories are designed to make your staff’s work easier and your establishment shine.

• Energy Efficient - A Rated.
• High Efficiency Motor - Numatic High Efficiency Long Life Motor.
• 10 Metre Cable - Easy Reach, 10 Metre Cable And Rewind Storage System.
• Tritex Filtration System - Improves Filtration, Cleanliness And Capacity.
• Wand Docking - Convenient, On-Board Wand Docking Storage.
• Hepaflo - Easy To Change High Efficiency Hepaflo Bags.
• Professional Accessory Set - A Tool For Every Job, Full Accessory Kit As1 With Stainless Steel Tube Set. 
• 1200W
• Size: 15.0lt

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