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Turbofan Combi Oven Digital - 10 Tray

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The Turbofan E40D10 combi offers hassle-free Touch & Cook functionality. With ten GN 1/1 tray capacity within its compact 812mm / 32″ wide footprint, place it in the open kitchen or tuck it away in the bar area and take your kitchen to a new degree of productivity. The easy to understand icons allow you to start straight away and with a handy memo-board to make note on any specific cooking requirements for future use. Digital combi ovens also includes an automatic cleaning system with replaceable liquid cartridges for easy cleaning via simple selection of cleaning cycle modes.

Download Spec Sheet:

Dimensions W 910mm x D 865mm x H 1265mm
Tray Capacity 10 GN 1/1 tray capacity
10 600mm x 400mm tray capacity
Tray Spacing 70mm
Power 400-415V, 50Hz, 3P+N+E, 14.5kW, 20A/ph
Cordset Fitted No cordset supplied
Fan/Heating 2 speed auto-reversing direction fan
Controls Electronic Touch sensitive control panel
High-visability alphanumeric LED display
Programmable automatic pre-heating
10 pre-programmed coking modes identifiable by instant-start icons
Programmable memory from mode numbers 11-89 in automatic sequence (up to 4 cycles)
Favorites list - all programmes can be associated with any icons
Handy memo board - make a note of cooking program
Manual cooking with three cooking modes - Covnection (30-260C), Steam (30-130C), Combi (30-260C)
Single cycle manual mode or up to 4 cycles in automatic sequnce
Core probe ready for internal food temperature control
Self-diagnostic operation check before and during use
Automatic chamber venting control
Timed LED cooking chamber lighting
Automatic cleaning system with cleaning programs - manual, rinse, eco, soft, medium or hard

SK40-10A oven stand Multipoint core temperature probe CEH extraction hood with air-cooled condenser

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