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Rubbermaid Over-The-Spill Station with Large Absorbent Pads

$98.50 Excluding GST

Rubbermaid Over-the-Spill - Station Kit is a safe and effective solution for dealing with a variety of spills. 
Dispensing station mounts on flat surfaces and has pads that soak up water and oil etc. quickly and completely for an effective way to deal with spills.
Rubbermaid Over The Spill Station Kit includes:
  • Corrugated plastic dispenser that mounts on a flat surface warning of the spill area affected.
  • 22 Large absorbent pads
  • Fasteners to Mount the Kit/Dispenser

Features of Over The Spill Station Kit

  • Yellow with black messaging and symbols ensuring high visibility of the spill warning
  • Spill pads hold up to 0.34 Litres of Liquid 
  • Slip-resistant pads cover spills quickly
  • Pads alert pedestrians
  • Mildew resistant
  • Pads have printed with universal caution symbol and “Caution Wet Floor
  • Made in the USA

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