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Polar C-Series Black Countertop Food Display Fridge

$1,254.00 $1,320.00 Excluding GST

Looking for a stylish and attractive way to display your best-selling chilled food and drinks? Using this Polar C-Series countertop display fridge will help you show off your desserts, snacks and soft drinks in style - the glass sides ensure maximum visibility no matter where your customers are standing, while internal LED lighting helps to illuminate your display in darker surroundings. The two shelves are easily adjustable depending on the type of products you want to display, and the built-in digital temperature control is both simple to use and accurate. Ensure you maintain a 20cm gap between the machine itself and the wall to allow the ventilation system to function effectively. Please note - this unit is not suitable for use directly next to a heat source. The maximum ambient temperature of this display fridge is 32°C. Polar C-Series shop display refrigeration is designed for everyday commercial use in less demanding environments. Functional and attractive, choose C-Series refrigeration if you won't need to access the unit often.

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