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Oil and Fuel Spill Control Kit for Spills up to 400 Litres

$985.00 Excluding GST

400 Litre Oil/Fuel Spill Kit in Wheelie Bin. Suitable for spills of up to 400L of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons.

Suitable for Service Stations, Motor Repair Facilities, Loading Docks, etc.

Features of 400 Litre Oil/Fuel Spill Kit in Wheelie Bin

  • Suitable for spills of up to 400 litres of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons
  • Constructed from Moulded Polyethylene
  • Hi-Vis with clear Labelling
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Weather Resistant Cap
  • Colour coded
  • Tamper evident seals available at no extra cost
  • Wall Locator Sticker
  • Laminated Instruction Sheet
  • Refill Kit also available
  • A free of charge training programme including PowerPoint presentation, demonstration DVD
    and multiple choice questionnaire is available with your spill kit purchase.

Kit Includes

 150 x 430x480mm Oil/Fuel Absorbent Pads
 3 x 3.0mx75mm Oil/Fuel Absorbent Boom
 4 x 1.2mx75mm Oil/Fuel Absorbent Boom
 10 x Contaminated Waste Bags & Ties
 2 x Pair Oil Resistant Gloves
 1 x Laminated Instruction Sheet
 1 x Weather Resistant Kit Cap
 1 x Wall Locator Sticker
 1 x 240L Mobile Bin 

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