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Instant Hand Sanitiser Personal Packs

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Elyptol’s natural, botanical Hand Sanitizer Gel is biofunctional in moisturising from the inside out and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, funghi and other common germs that can cause disease.

Active ingredients include ethanol alcohol from corn and sugar cane denatured with pure Eucalyptus Oil. Elyptol, fortified with Eucalyptus Oil, helps minimise the likelihood of allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and dry, cracked skin.

Elyptol’s products have been designed for high frequency use.

Alcohol kills by denaturing the protein in bacteria. Elyptol with the ingredient of Ethanol, Eucalyptus oil and the other ingredients effectively has a synergistic composition that results in it being a 70-80% active antiseptic.

With Elyptol’s superior formulations based on ethyl alcohol combined with Eucalyptus Oil as the denaturant, we are able to achieve high kill efficacy balanced with improved skin health.

The major chemical component in eucalyptus oil “cineole” also known as Eucalyptol evaporates from the skin rapidly. It is extremely safe to use on the skin, and with moisturisers keep skin healthy through frequent use.