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Alto Shaam Halo Heat 1 x Drawer Warmer

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The 5001D Alto-Shaam Drawer Warmer contains a single food holding drawer with gentle radiant Halo Heat that provides a static holding environment for food, with no harsh heating elements, forced air or added humidity. Whether placed on a counter, or built into fabrication, the Drawer Warmer maintains consistent food quality and temperature where you need it and is built utilising the highest levels of durability.


  • Drawer controlled by on/off adjustable thermostat with a range of 16-93°C
  • Each drawer includes 325 x 530 x 150mm pan with 16kg capacity
  • Removable stainless steel rail supports per drawer
  • Unique design using Halo Heat radiant technology that requires no water or plumbing connections
  • Stackable design with 18 gauge stainless steel construction


  • Gentle Halo Heat surrounds food to hold without overcooking or drying food out
  • Easily adapted to accept an oversized pan that is 381mm x 508mm x 127mm for greater capacity
  • With no exposed Calrod heating elements, cleaning is easy.
  • Individual units can be stacked, allowing multiple installation choices
  • Heated Drawer Warmers are the perfect solution to streamline your kitchen production


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