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Hobart Rack Type Dishwasher Profi CNA-90-15

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The rack-type dishwasher series CN is of modular design. Pre-washing, washing, drying and intermediate zones are customised and specified individually for each customer with regard to performance, economy and operating convenience, so that the dishwashing solution is accurately tailored to your requirements and organisation.
  • Washing intelligence enables savings of operation costs
  • SENSO-ACTIVE resource management: keeps fresh water consumption down to a neccessary minimum
  • AQUA-ADAPT water consumption control: adaptation of machine consumption to utilization
  • SENSO-SPACE compartment detection: continuous and automatic adjustment to minimal necessary fresh-water consumption depending on wash ware load
  • BEST-START system check: machine components and function are automatically checked by each filling process and the functionality of each wash pump is monitored
  • Wash ware detection (optional): the encoded racks are detected by the sensors in the rack-type dishwasher. This causes the relevant dishwashing parameters to be automatically adapted - leaving you with a perfect wash result.

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