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Hobart Premaxi Utensil Washer UPT

$67,621.00 Excluding GST

The UPT utensil washer offers double the capacity compared to the PREMAX UP. Thanks to the lateral wash system, which is unique in PREMAX line, the capacity is additionally increased.
  • Front door utensil washer
  • Useable inside dimensions w x d x h: 1110 x 773 x 825mm
  • Nominal capacity up to 30 cycles/h
  • 6 automatic programmes: short, standard, steam washing, detergent direct spraying, continuous, hygiene
  • Double walled housing
  • Strainer soil sensor
  • Refill signal (detergent / rinse aid)
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • Separate tank fill (can be deactivated)
  • Ready to install - completely equipped: fill / drain hose, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump, back-flow preventer, tank heating, separate tank fill (can be deactivated), back panel
  • Tank, frame, wash / rinse arms and panels are stainless steel 1.4301
  • Standard with Exhaust Heat Recovery and VAPOSTOP
  • Includes - stainless steel base rack, tray support insert (323637) and plastic 500 x 500mm flat rack

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