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Hobart Edge Medium Duty Slicer

$4,408.00 Excluding GST

Incorporating many of the features that have made Hobart heavy duty slicers an industry benchmark, the EDGE 13 slicer is built for operations requiring less than four hours of slicing per day. A 1/2-H.P. knife drive-motor provides enough power to help ensure both cheese and meat slicing without shredding. This is paired with a poly V-belt system that delivers quiet operation, all while making it more economical to service and repair due to its limited number of parts.

  • Operator safety, durability and sanitation
  • 0.37kW (1/2 h.p.) knife drive motor - better with cheese
  • Gauge plate (slice thickness) interlock - no exposed knife when carriage is removed
  • Permanently mounted knife ring guard - maximum safety when cleaning
  • Large product tray - slices items up to 273mm in length and 187mm in diameter
  • Maximum slice thickness - 14mm
  • Carriage system easily removed for cleaning
  • Long life Borazon sharpening and truing stone - easily removed and dishwasher safe
  • Sanitary anodized aluminium base, carriage and knife cover
  • Removable large under knife deflector
  • Ergonomically mounted meat grip handle
  • Borazon stone long life sharpening attachment
  • Sanitary & heavy-duty stainless steel gauge plate, carriage face plate and knife cover
  • Sanitary anodized aluminium base
  • Permanently mounted knife ring guard - maximum safety when cleaning
  • Low fence as standard
  • Optional accessoriy - food chute

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