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Hand Wash Foam Manual Pods


Hand Wash Foam has a fresh fragrance, enriched with softening agents which makes it mild on the skin. It is a light blue product, free from phosphates and solvents, has leathered foam and special emollient which leaves skin feeling light and fresh.

  • PH = 5.5 – 6.5
  • Can be dispensed through pumps
  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Specially formulated to provide an instant rich, creamy foam using a blend of natural soap, conditioner and mild surfactants
  • Safe to use and will not taint food
  • Ideal for use in plastic and stainless steel dispensers

Directions for Use
Take off cartridge pump cover. Invert cartridge and place in your Clean Plus dispenser as per instructions provided in the carton. Pump nozzle two to three times to initiate foam.

Moisten hands with water; apply a small portion of the liquid onto hands. Rub well and rinse thoroughly with running water.

Dispenser to Suit: FOAM-REFILL 

Pod Size: 1.0Ltr

Material Safety Data Sheet

Purchase 6 pods and receive 3 x FREE dispenser*

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