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Apuro Contact Grill Ribbed Ribbed

$617.41 $649.90 Excluding GST

Twin plates, twice the output - you'll be grilling even more food to perfection when you use this double contact grill from Apuro. The ribbed plates will leave attractive grill marks on your meat or vegetables, and they'll also help to drain away any excess grease or fat. It's a far healthier and tastier alternative to pan frying. With independent temperature controls for each of the two plates, as well as a digital timer and alarm, multitasking is easier than ever - you're not just limited to grilling one food type at a time, so you can double up on your cooking without compromising on quality. Heat-up times are fast too, helping you cook to order and save on running costs during quieter periods. A removable drip tray collects grease to keep your work surface as clean as possible too.

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