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All-In-One General Purpose Spill Control Kit for Spills up to 180 Litre

$1,295.00 Excluding GST

Mobile, All-in-One, General Purpose Spill Kit with wheels. Stores your broom, spark proof shovel, PPE and spill response equipment in the one unit.
Suitable for all work areas where spills can occur.

Manufacturing, Workshops, Food preparation areas. Hospitals.

Features of 180 Litre General Purpose Spill Kit (All-in One)

  • Hi-vis Polyethylene cart
  • Clear Labelling
  • Adhesive Wall Locator
  • Tamper evident seals can be fitted at no extra cost
  • Suitable for absorbing up to 180L of Oils, Fuels, Solvents,
    Agricultural Chemicals, Coolant. General Workshop Chemicals
  • Easy to manoeuver to area of spill
  • Space in front for Spill kit
  • Front space can also be used to carry loose absorbent
  • Waste bag can be attached to the back for easy access during clean up
  • Broom and Spark Proof Shovel included

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