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We provide a reliable and quality wide range of toilet tissue and super absorbent hand towels that are perfect for any washroom.

Hand Paper Guide
When it comes to selecting the type and style of paper you will be using in your restrooms, you need to pair it will the correct dispenser and to consider how your guests will access your paper towels and toilet paper. We offer several styles and options. With a variety of standard rolls, centre pull rolls, perforated rolls, and folded paper towels, there’s a perfect dispenser type for every kitchen or restroom. We’ve matched up each paper towel with its compatible dispenser below.





Our large, standard rolls are perfect for high traffic areas. Available in white and brown paper, we offer a variety of sizes to best serve your specific needs and environment. See the chart below for the dispensers most compatible with this type of roll.

Centerfeed paper towels are a cost-effective and sanitary option. The large roll accommodates high-traffic environments, while the pull-down dispensing method ensures that each paper 
towel remains clean and unused until it is dispensed by each customer or employee. By removing the center roll, you can then pull each paper towel down from the inside out, further contributing to the sanitary qualities of this paper towel roll.

With perforated sections, customers and employees can easily tear the desired amount to clean up spills. These rolls are ideal for soaking up messes around your school, office, break room, or kitchen. Soft-to-the-touch, perforated rolls feature a combination of strength, absorbency, and comfort.

Folded paper towels can be used for both countertop and surface-mounted dispensers. Folded paper towels include C-Fold and M-Fold styles. Centerfold paper towels are made to lie on top of each other, while multifold paper towels are made to interlock with each other. The 
interlocking nature of M-Fold paper towels allows you to fit more paper towels in each dispenser, whereas C-Fold paper towels are easier for guests to separate. Great for dispenser / garbage bin combinations or countertop baskets and holders.
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