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Mops & Buckets

We have all the mop and mopping accessories you will need to ensure a clean and safe working environment for your customers and staff.

Tips for Selecting a Mop
• Highly absorbent mops such as Cotton Mops reduce water left behind
• Going over the floor with a dry mop after wet mopping helps prevent slipping and minimise footprints when walked on.
• Use a squeeze mop that tilts such as the Tilt-a-matic® Squeeze Mop for accessing underneath low objects and quick clean ups.
• For large areas try a mop with a large head.
• Looped end yarn minimizes the likelihood of the mop tangling and linting.
• A butterfly cut mop gives extra floor coverage.
• Angled tail banding allows for easier wringing as it prevents the fibres getting caught up in the rollers of the bucket.

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