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SanGuard Sanitiser Spray


SanGuard is a convenient 70% alcohol sanitiser aerosol ready to treat high touch points, and surfaces to protect against illness-causing germs that survive on surfaces for extended periods.  Efficient and cost effective, convenient SanGuard delivers protection from an extensive range of micro-organisms.

  • 500ml per aerosol bottle
  • 12.5 meters square coverage per aerosol
  • Super fine fogging tip – doesn’t saturate the surface
  • Sanitise and disinfect difficult to reach and intricate areas
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Food safe
  • Odourless
  • Superior surface coverage
  • Uses 65% less product – compared with conventional trigger sprays per metre
  • Recyclable steel can
  • The chemical mix will not rust surfaces as it evaporates before this can happen

Material Safety Data Sheet