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Contactless Disposable Cutlery Dispenser


Australia’s NEW, hygienic touch-less cutlery solution.

Reduce cross contamination while maintaining a clean and organised display.
This dispenser is specially designed so that the first human to touch the cutlery is the person who pulls it out of the dispenser.

This end goal starts from our production facility, which is fully automated from production to packing. When the cutlery gets to the end user, reloading the cutlery is also touch less, with a clean plastic bag that the cutlery drops out of, straight into the dispenser, ready for someone to take.

Innovative, clean and organised. The new patented cutlery dispenser provides you with a competitive edge, increasing available counter space, and offering a neat, minimalist look, however you choose to deploy the system.

  • Use only our specially designed heavy duty cutlery refill packs
  • PP (Polypropylene) plastic cutlery currently available
  • CPLA (compostable) cutlery arriving soon
  • No battery or plug ins needed 


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