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Cafe & Barista Long Life Milk

Barista's struggle with plant based milks is real. How to master all of them when the fact is that all plant based milks behave differently with coffee, especially when used in espresso based drinks?

SOY - Soy was the first one in the market and foams really fast, almost twice as fast as regular cow’s milk. The soy milk has also as much protein as regular cow’s milk which enables microfoaming. The microfoam was also really long lasting which is due to stabilizers and high amounts of protein and fat. Making latte art with the soy milk was easy and the milk behaved almost like cow’s milk.

ALMOND - From barista perspective it was quite similar to coconut milk as it created nice latte art but couldn’t handle higher temperatures.

OAT - Oat has been THE plant based milk during last few years. It’s no wonder because oat’s flavour is quite neutral and mild which is perfect for espresso based drinks. It foams really slowly, almost twice as long as cow’s milk. Latte art wise the results was quite ok and the only problem was that I needed to pour a bit harder to make the patterns.

COCONUT - From barista perspective coconut milk is really good; it is easy to steam and you can get good latte art with it. You are also able to get that finishing gloss touch in your espresso based beverage which makes latte art look extra good.

MACADAMIA - Designed to froth well & deliver a creamy, delicious flavour and g
reat consistency. No extra flavours on the end and no extra sugar!

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